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Money Saving Tip for Businesses
Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant


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Money Saving Tip for Businesses

Money Saving Tip for Businesses

Running a small business in a difficult economy can be challenging.  As a business owner you are not only responsible for taking care of your clients but also taking care of all of the administrative tasks of your company.  

The Dilemma:  A good administrative person is a vital part of your business but they are a non-billable employee.  As a non-billable employee you now have an increase in your overhead, the need for new or more office space along with furniture, supplies, equipment, taxes and compliance to state and federal regulations.

Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Any small business can benefit from hiring a virtual assistant.   If you are the owner of a small business and notice that:

You are missing important deadlines;

Your client database is not up-to-date causing you to lose the opportunities return business brings;

Your day to day demands from running your business are keeping you from new projects/jobs;

You are working 24/7 just trying to keep up with the administrative side of your business;

You are doing tasks that you would prefer not to do and they are keeping you from more productive tasks.
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